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ULTIMAX Lighting is a professional light source manufacturing company with more than 15 years experience in High Intensity Discharge lamp (H.I.D.). ULTIMAX Lighting provides a wide range of H.I.D. light source, including Mercury UV Curing Lamp, Metal Halide UV lamp and Special Metal Halide Lamps such as lamps use for Aquarium and Horticulture industries, Stadium & Sports Lighting,Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp and all kinds of High Pressure Sodium Lamps. ULTIMAX Lighting dedicates to supply its customers with highest quality products, competitive prices, the shortest possible lead time and the best after sales service.
ULTIMAX Lighting is one of the few special lighting companies in China using the advanced machines and technologies imported from Europe and USA, especially in the UV Applicable Lamps and the Special Metal Halide Lamps. Different from other makers, we also import the important raw materials & components to make sure of the highest quality product, like the quartz tube from GE’s High performance materials and components division, all our UV curing lamps are made from this top quality quartz glass, which enables highest levels of UV radiation to be transmitted. The molybdenum foil with platinum is imported from PLANSEE and this important component ensures good lamp life even at very high operating temperatures and currents. ULTIMAX Lighting has always been paying great attention to the quality control system. All the UV lamp and special Metal Halide Lamps are 200% tested for absolute reliability! Every lamp is tested not once, but twice before it leaves our factory.
Company size and philosophy drive strategy. We are small enough to react to specific Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requests while large enough to have the design and production system expertise essential to making sophisticated light sources, coupled with a high degree of repeatability over large volumes. For example, our lamp technicians are experienced in designing UV lamps for new applications, and can use the flexibility of our production machines and facilities to provide a unique service to UV equipment manufacturers. No other UV lamp supplier in China has our capacity and expertise. We can design and produce lamps for your specific needs. This includes a wide range of metal halide additives to enhance your UV spectral outputs, and individual end caps or terminations to suit your requirements.
Direct from the Manufacturer - With ULTIMAX Lamps, you buy high quality lamps directly from the manufacturer, ensuring you the best prices and closest access to the lamp experts. We strive to supply our customers with the ultimate price-performance ratio lamps.
With advanced production facilities, building on decades of experience, a strong technical team and rigid quality control system, ULTIMAX Lighting will be assiduous in its efforts to lighten a new world, develop and flourish together with the global lighting industry, and create a better life for human beings.
We are dedicated to an ethical and honest approach in all aspects of our business and the care, safety and well being of employees and others.” ”We are committed to remaining profitable, whilst maintaining consistent quality and improving customer service. This will create opportunities for individual development, and secure a long-term future for employees, suppliers and customers”

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